SixLog to debut new bio-decontamination technology

SixLog Corporation has announced plans to demonstrate its revolutionary new bio-decontamantion technology at this year's INTERPHEX 2010 convention.

"INTERPHEX is a great venue for SixLog to showcase its revolutionary biological decontamination technology," Vanessa Valdez, general manager for SixLog, said. "Astro Pak, SixLog's parent company, built its reputation as the premier high purity cleaning and passivation company in the industry. Coupling that reputation with SixLog's new service offering, we are eager to deliver an effective solution against mold and other contaminants in a timely and cost-effective manner."

The technology, dubbed iHP, or ionized Hydrogen Peroxide, wad developed and perfected for military application against biological weapons prior to its commercial application.

iHP has demonstrated proven effectiveness in the reduction of biological contaminants to a level that is no longer detectable. The surface structures of microorganisms are destroyed by the various reactive species that the system creates through ionic activation of hydrogen peroxide.

"No pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to have a contamination issue," Steve Feinstein, director of technology at SixLogic, said. "There are high costs associated with contamination, which can lead to downtime, batch recalls and reproduction. As the contamination control experts, SixLog understands those high costs and are equipped to respond rapidly in order to help clients minimize downtime and revenue loss."