Anthrax threat against Rep. Weiner traced to Brooklyn

Authorities have potentially traced the mailing location of the March 25 anthrax letter hoax that caused the Queens office of Rep. Anthony Weiner to temporarily shut down  to Brooklyn.

The hoax mailing, which consisted of a letter containing a white white powder that was revealed to be antacid, was mailed from the 11235 zip code. That zip code encompasses Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach.

Federal investigators are still in the process of finding those responsible for sending the letter, which was contained written threats in block letters related to Weiner's vote on the health care reform package and was unsigned.

Nine members of Weiner's staff were decontaminated as a result of exposure to the powder in the letter. The powder was not determined to be nonhazardous until two days after the letter was found.

At the time of the letter's reception, Weiner was in Washington DC.

“The people who work for me are not political operachiks, they’re basically government workers who don’t get paid a great deal and don’t spend their time debating health care,” reports Weiner said during a roundtable interview with borough reporters. “In my opinion, sending terrorizing letters to my community offices is not anything resembling free speech.”

Weiner received two anti-Semitic letters at his DC office several days before the anthrax scare. One of the letters referred to him as "schlomo" and the other was signed with a swastika.