NATO to discuss Demron

The NATO Advanced Study Institute will discuss Demron, the world's first and only fabric to provide multi-hazard protection against biological, chemical, nuclear, infrared radiation and heat, and bomb and ballistic threats this week.

Dr. Ronald F. DeMeo, M.D., president of Radiation Shield Technologies, will present "Nuclear Threats, Physiological Effects, and Countermeasures," this Friday during the NATO ASI on Defense-Related Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Protection.

Advanced Study Institutes, which are high-level teaching activities featuring carefully defined subjects that are treated in-depth by lecturers of international standing are reported in tutorial form.

“Radiation Shield Technologies developed Demron because we recognized a need for lightweight, durable, flexible personal-protection gear that provides total multi-hazard protection and enables users to work comfortably with the peace of mind of knowing they’re well-protected,” Dr. DeMeo said. “Demron eliminates the guesswork by enabling users to deploy one technology to combat all types of threats, including traditional ballistics and bombs, as well as IEDs, RDDs, REDs and the ever-increasing nuclear and radiological threats.”

Demron technologies, which is used globally by members of the military, first responders, HAZMAT teams, police and fire-rescue personnel and health care professionals, are a line of full-body suits, vests, blankets and medical X-ray vests and aprons.