HHS secretary calls for new initiatives to fight bioterror

On Monday, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urged the scientific and technology community to develop innovative initiatives to fight the nation's threats.

Napolitano reiterated her resolved to fight terrorism in a meeting with National Academy of Sciences President Ralph Cicerone and National Academy of Engineering President Charles Vest. The meeting involved a discussion of methods of further increasing the National Academy's ongoing collaboration with the DHS.

“Cutting-edge science and technology are powerful tools in preventing, countering and responding to evolving threats,” Napolitano said, AllHeadlineNews.com reports. “DHS is committed to working closely with our colleagues across the science and technology community to leverage private, non-profit and government expertise to help prevent and deter terrorism and recover from natural disasters.”

During the meeting, Napolitano highlighted the long-standing cooperation by the DHS with the science faculties, noting support by the DHS' Science and Technology Directorate for academic studies on a wide variety of topics that range from biosurveillance to risk analysis.

Napolitano, the DHS said, reiterated her “continued commitment” to the allied programs “that bolster the security of the United States.”

The cooperation between the DHS' departments and the science community, Napolitano said, has resulted in major innovations in the development of state-of-the-art screening, biothreat detection and other technologies.