Decontamination technology announced by Tri-Air Developments Ltd.

Tri-Air Developments Ltd. is expected to launch a new, patented decontamination technology that will offer real-time, indoor protection from airborne and surface pathogenic viruses and bacteria to counter the threat of biological terrorism.

The air purification system - a British invention - is scalable up from a personal device to a stand-alone unit that could be utilized to safeguard a room. Additionally, the system can be fully integrated into ventilation systems for added air protection.

Tri-Air's system can be run for low-level, constant background protection or run at a "fail-safe" setting for Cat.4 facilities, according to the company.

The decontamination system utilizes air purification rather than a filtration process and combines three separate forms of decontamination - non-thermal plasma, ultraviolet catalysis and hydroxyl radical production.

“The overall effect is to simulate the natural purification properties of fresh air, creating the cleansing hydroxyl radicals that occur outdoors, to quickly destroy pathogenic viruses and bacteria both in the air and on surface contact in minutes," Tri-Air said in a statement.

Tests by the Tri-Air revealed that the device has kill rates of up to 99.9999 percent for the airborne test virus MS2 Coliphage in less than five minutes. The system recorded kill rates of 99.999 percent for airborne Staphylococcus epidermis within two minutes and 99.9999 percent for surface MRSA on glass over a 24 hour period.

“The system offers safe, affordable protection - whether it’s for security or civilian staff, visiting clients or the general public - from viruses, bacteria and bio-attack; even the common cold," Gideon Davenport, CEO of Tri-Air Developments told