Anthrax scare at N.Y. rep.'s office

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., received an envelope containing white powder at his Queens office this week, a detective with the New York City Police Department has revealed.

The detective told that five males and four females were decontaminated at Rep. Weiner's Kew Office location as a precaution by an Emergency Services unit that was dispatched to the office.

Preliminary field tests of the white powder tested positive for anthrax and other bioterror poisons but, as a precaution, Rep. Weiner's office was decontaminated.

The suspect powder was discovered Thursday afternoon in a letter that referenced Rep. Weiner's vote on health care reform.

According to the NYPD, there are currently no suspects under arrest in the case. A federal investigation is currently underway along with an investigation by the NYPD.

Rep. Weiner has been the target of several threats over the last month, including anti-Semitic communications. Additionally, more than a dozen Democratic members of Congress have been the target of death threats following the recent vote on health care reform.

Among the threats, a propane gas line at the home of the brother of Virgina Rep. Tom Perriello was cut and shots were reported fired outside of Rep. Eric Cantor's district office. There have also been reports of bricks thrown through the windows of Democratic campaign offices and phone threats in Washington have reached record levels.