Scotland anthrax outbreak continues

The anthrax outbreak in heroin users in Scotland has risen again, with five addicts in Dumfries and Galloway now testing positive for infection.

Two additional cases of anthrax infection have recently been confirmed by health officials. Four patients are now being treated at Dumfries Infirmary and one is being treated in Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

All five of the infected drug users, a spokesman has said, are responding well to treatment.

Since December, ten people in Scotland have died as a result of anthrax infections and approximately two dozen are known to have become infected. There have also been reported cases in England and Germany.

Informational pamphlets are now being circulated to potential drug users and their families in the region.

"Users of heroin in any form should be aware that they are at risk of anthrax infection," a spokesperson for NHS Dumries and Galloway told the BBC. "If users notice marked redness or swelling around an injection site or other signs of severe infection such as high fever, they should seek urgent medical advice and help from their GP or from NHS 24.

"Our advice is to stop using heroin - this is the only way to protect yourself against anthrax infection."