India and U.S. discuss joint CBRN exercise

A joint training exercise in biological, chemical and nuclear warfare between the United States and India is currently under consideration following a U.S. proposal, the Indian newspaper The Tribune has reported.

The agenda of the 14th meeting of the Army Executive Steering Group, which consists of top Indian and U.S. Army officers features the exercise. The meeting began this week at Headquarters Western Command near Chandigarh, which is located in northwestern India.

The ESG meetings are held at venues that alternate between Indian and the United States to coordinate various joint training events between the two armies. The U.S. delegation is led by Lt. Gen. Banjamin Randy Nixon, commanding general of the United States Army Pacific.

The four day meeting is expected to review the Indo-U.S. military cooperation over the last year while working out a program for this year.

Unnamed sources cited by The Tribune have said that the United States plans to put the proposal forth first and that the Indian army has not yet decided on the modalities and units that might join it.

This move to create a joint exercise follows on the heels of the recent Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear deal and global security department.

In addition to the joint exercise, the Indian army has also recently engaged in training, orienting and equipping for operations in an environment contaminated b a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.