Baltimore court house receives another suspicious package

Another suspicious package was found Wednesday by employees at the Mitchell Courthouse in downtown Baltimore only days after a similar package was found.

The new package is said to have been similar to a package found on Monday. Both contained a bullet and a powdery substance.

Hazmat teams were called to the second floor of the Baltimore Circuit Courthouse after employees called 911 upon finding the suspicious package.

"The fire engines pulled up and said no one could come inside," a witness told

The package - a large enveloping containing a bullet and a powdery substance - was found in the chambers of a judge, though it was not addressed to any judge in particular.

The substance was tested by the hazmat teams, which found that the substance was not dangerous. The five similar packages found on Monday are also said to be harmless, though they are being investigated by city police.

Four judges received the prior envelopes, which contained threatening notes, bullets and an unknown powdery substance.

"Looming in our minds is the history of anthrax, and when you hear white powder, that comes to your mind. And if it is in the building, we certainly would want to leave as quickly as possible," Margaret Burns, city state's attorney spokesperson, told