White powder in Florida scare actually a narcotic

A white powder found at a Sebring, Florida business on Monday has been revealed to not be a weapon, though the substance, as it turns out, is still illegal.

Sebring Police Department Sgt. Curtis Hart told NewsSun.com that preliminary testing on the white powder found inside The Print Shop was a narcotic. Sgt. Curtis declined to say what narcotic it was.

"We have some leads on where the envelope came from, but right now we are not releasing any more information pending an investigation. We know for sure that it is not a biological weapon, and that it is a narcotic," Hart told NewsSun.com.

The white powder was found in a regular white No. 10 business envelope that had The Print Shop's return address on it. After employees found the envelope, Sebring fire and police units were dispatched to investigate.

"The substance was contained, and the workers did not breach the plastic bag while opening. Only one person touched the envelope," Sebring Fire chief Brad Batz told NewsSun.com. "The substance did not come out of the plastic package. We are unsure if there is any writing on the notebook paper. So far there are no signs that any substance was on the paper or outside the small plastic bag.

"So far, the workers show no sign of any symptoms, and all refused treatment from EMS.

"Refined biological weapons are difficult to make, and hard to get. But we are handling this as hazardous until we determine the level of threat."