Baltimore police investigate suspicious letters

Baltimore police are investigating several threatening letters containing bullets or white powder that have been sent to City Hall and the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. courthouse.

On Monday, City Hall was evacuated for 40 minutes following the discovery by a mail clerk of a letter containing a white powder. Police later determined the powder to be harmless, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told

Additional threatening letters were also sent to four Circuit Court judges. Two of those letters contained bullets, authorities said, and one judge's letter is believed to contained a bullet and white powder.

Administrative Judge Marcella M. Holland and Judge Wanda K. Heard both received letter along with the head of of the criminal division, Judge M. Brooke Murdock. Judge Murdock's secretary open the threatening envelope on Monday.

"She was very calm, she's great under pressure," Murdock told "She just said to me, 'Judge, I'm not putting my hand in there.'

"Judges on the Baltimore City Circuit Court have their lives threatened all the time...not quite like this. This is pretty dramatic."

A similar scare occurred at the courthouse several years ago when a white powder was sent to several judges in an envelope. That powder was also revealed to be non-threatening.