Wyoming stages anthrax response test

The Albany Count Public Health in Wyoming, working in conjunction with numerous other governmental agencies, recently conducted an Anthrax Response Exercise Series test in Laramie, Wyoming.

“A lot of people ask, ‘Why would Wyoming ever test that? Nothing’s ever going to happen to Wyoming,”’ Albany County Public Health Emergency Response Coordinator Beth Young told LaramieBoomerang.com. “But one of the big caveats to that is if we’re going to see an attack and it’s going to hit rural America, it’s going to send out a bigger message that no one is safe. That’s why we were definitely targeting and looking at the smaller communities and how we would respond, what kind of assets we would need and how we get those.”

The ARES test was used to see how the Albany County Public Health and other agencies would respond in the event of an incident, from the the moment of detection to the distribution of antidotes.

“We were looking at how our county would respond to an anthrax outbreak and we just practiced the whole process of how we would move that forward and get everything from the time we detected that there was some type of compromise to the air all the way through to how we would get those medical antidote pills to the county,” Young said.

“Not only did we solidify a lot of our partnerships and increase our networking capabilities but we tested our response plans and found that we definitely have a lot of what is needed to further our community emergency planning efforts — we already have a lot of that stuff in place. Our plans are looking very, very good; and of course like any exercise now we can make that plan stronger and we expect to continue to do more drills in the county and include the community in those as well."