Anthrax scare in Florida

Police and fire units were dispatched to a printing business in Sebring, Florida on Monday following the discovery of an unknown suspicious white substance in an envelope.

Workers at The print Shop in Sebring discover a small plastic bag that had been wrapped in notebook paper in the course of opening the morning mail. They then contacted authorities.

The envelope containing the powder was marked "photos, do not bend," Sebring Fire Chief Brad Batz told

"The substance was contained, and the workers did not breach the plastic bag while opening. Only one person touched the envelope," Batz told "The substance did not come out of the plastic package. We are unsure if there is any writing on the notebook paper. So far there are no signs that any substance was on the paper or outside the small plastic bag."

Batz said that the envelope containing the powder, which contained The Print Shop's address
as the return address, was a regular white No. 10 business envelope.

Workers at The Print Shop, who refused emergency medical services treatment, showed no symptoms of infection.

The Print Shop was investigated by Sebring's hazmat team. The envelope and the bag containing the powder were handed over to detectives with the Sebring Police Department. The powder will be forwarded to a Tampa lab for testing.

"Refined biological weapons are difficult to make, and hard to get. But we are handling this as hazardous until we determine the level of threat," Batz said.