Trinidad and Tobago on lookout for bioterror attack

The permanent secretary of Trinidad and Tobago's National Security Ministry has announced that there exists a real threat to the nation of an attack by terrorists using deadly toxins.

Speaking at a crisis management simulation exercise on bioterrorism held at the Hilton Trinidad in St. Ann's, Jennifer Boucaud-Blake, the permanent secretary, made the announcement.

"There is much evidence to suggest that terrorists have a strong interest in the use of biological weapons," Boucaud-Blake said, the Trinidad & Tobago Express reported. "Many still question whether the threat exists or can occur, especially in our part of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no question in my mind that the threat is real.

"’A single bioterrorist attack can cause hundreds, or even thousands of deaths. It can annihilate entire states such as our very own Caribbean islands. Should such an issue not be taken seriously? Moreover, even if the hundreds or thousands do not die, the fear, panic and subsequent social and economic disorder that could follow such an attack are additional reasons why we should take this threat seriously."

Boucaud-Blake made the announcement at the "Exercise Bio-Shield" seminar, organized by the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism, which was held last week.