Taliban says it's lacing bombs with anthrax

Taliban commanders have claimed that homemade bombs in Afghanistan are now being loaded with anthrax, bringing a new threat to troops working in the region.

No evidence has yet been found to prove the insurgents are employing biological weapons, though one of Britain's leading terrorism experts has warned that the technology necessary to produce the deadly disease is believed to be held by Taliban extremists linked to Al-Qaeda.

“There are certainly extreme elements within the Taliban, those loyal to Al Qaeda, who would not think twice about this method," Express.co.uk reported that Paul Wilkinson of the Centre for Terrorism Studies at St. Andrews University, said. "However, there is a wide chasm between producing anthrax and using it effectively in home-made bombs.

“Japan­ese terrorists had intended to use anthrax on the Tokyo metro in 1995. They experimented with it extensively but in the end opted for the nerve agent sarin. This shows that it is not an easy substance to control.”

A Taliban bomb maker, identified as regional commander Mullah Doud by an ITV camera crew filming a bomb-making factory on the Afghan-Pakistan border, said, “We use anthrax so when a bomb explodes it produces a toxic cloud," Express.co.uk reports.

Troops in Iraq are protected by anti-nuclear, biological and chemical warfare equipment, a luxury that is not enjoyed by those serving in Afghanistan, though access to the suits is available if deemed necessary.