- FDNY to utilize CBRN protection material

The New York City Fire Department has chosen to utilize the new Demron person-protection armor, which is the world's first and only fabric to provide multi-hazard protection, including biological, chemical, nuclear, bomb and ballistic protection as well as infrared radiation and heat protection.

Demron will be incorporated by the FDNY into its chemical protective clothing upgrade program, which is meant to enhance its response capabilities with universal protection.

Hazardous Materials Company 1, which is one of the first FDNY teams to employ Demron, which was developed by Radiation Shields Technologies. The Demron Two-Ply Radiation Torso Vest, Demron-W High Energy Nuclear/Ballistic IED RDD RED Shield and Crew Protection Blanket provide maximum safety while minimizing the time, manpower and resources needed to respond to potential emergencies.

“We congratulate FDNY for staying on the leading edge of hazmat and proudly support its mission to provide the best protection for its personnel and the public," Dr. DeMeo, the surgeon who developed Demron, told Businesswire.com.

Demron is a radiopaque nano-polymeric compound that is fused between fabric layers and manufactured into lightweight garments, including full-body suits, vests and blankets.

Demron has been utilized worldwide by, among others, NATO, NASA, the National Guard, US Navy, UAE and the governments of South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and Australia.