Indian navy to develop NBC training facility

India's navy has begun the creation of a nuclear, biological and chemical defense training facility.

The facility will be used to develop skills of Navy personnel to fight against deadly attacks resulting from either a conventional war or from terror groups.

A request for information has been issued by India's navy ahead of its issuance of a global tender to set up the shore-based NBC facility, which will feature simulators modeled on ships to create near-real scenarios for training its personnel.

"The Indian Navy intends to set up a Nuclear (Radiological), Biological and Chemical Defense training facility to train its personnel," reported the request for information documents as stating. "The facility is intended to be shore based."

The ship shaped steel structures that will make up the simulators will come equipped with equipment and systems to train personnel in achieving collective nuclear, biological and chemical protection through so-called "closing down" techniques, pre-wetting systems and platform decontamination.

The new training facility follows a recent announcement by India's Defense Research and Development Organization that a high priority will be placed on the development of systems to combat the challenges of terrorism, including the addition of better biological and chemical defense systems.