English man pleads guilty to ricin possession

A white supremacist in England has pleaded guilty to the production of the deadly poison ricin for use in acts of terrorism.

Ian Davison, a truck driver, and his teenage son Nicky were arrested in northern England in June. According to police, traces of ricin were found in a jam jar in the kitchen of Davison's home.

In pleading guilty on Monday at Newcastle Crown County to the production of a chemical weapon, Davison also admitted three charges of possessing a record containing information that was likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing acts of terrorism.

The three possession charges pertain to possession of The Anarchist's Handbook, Kitchen Complete and Mudgahein's Explosives Handbook. The three books all contain information and instructions on the production and use of explosives.

Davison also admitted to the possession of a prohibited weapon in relation to the a spray canister found during the search of his residence.

Sentencing for Davison has been delayed until after the trial of his teenage son, who is currently scheduled to be tried on April 12 for two charges of possessing material that contains information likely to be useful to a person preparing or committing acts of terrorism.