Missouri National Guard receives biothreat training

Missouri National Guard members at Fort Leonard Wood were trained this weekend on biological, chemical and nuclear detection equipment.

Members of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 35th Engineer Brigade took part in the training, which was provided by Staff. Sgt. Roger Yarbrough.

Yarbrough, a Missouri Guardsman, works as an active-duty instruction for the Incident Response Training Department on post.

The training session included lessons on the Improved Chemical Agent Monitor, the M-22 Alarm, Chemical Agent, Automatic, and the M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Kit, which works by pointing it at a specific area to check for contamination. The alarm monitors an area's air quality.

“These soldiers, in the environment they are in, will use this equipment when they set up a decontamination line or as an advanced party setting up an area,” Yarbrough told the Pulaski County Daily. “They could have a road grader out doing something and hit unexploded chemical ordnance. The equipment makes sure the soldiers stay safe while doing their job.”

In the event of the alarm equipment going off, soldiers must then verify the treat and don full Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear.

 “Then they would continue on with the tests, continue on with their mission and report what they find to higher levels," Yarbrough said.