Anthrax scare shuts down Georgia high school

Georgia's Gilmer County faced an anthrax scare for the second straight day on Wednesday, when an envelope containing a suspicious white powder was found at Gilmer County High School in Ellijay, Georgia.

Officials at the high school closed the school for the day after the envelope was found. The FBI, GBI and a hazmat team from Cherokee County were brought into the high school to investigate the envelope.

This latest anthrax scare in the county followed the finding of a similar envelope at the Gilmer County courthouse on Tuesday.

"They investigated and found that was just a hoax, not a volatile substance," Michael Schlabra, spokesman for Gilmer County schools, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "People processing the mail this morning at Gilmer County High School came across another envelope with a powdery substance. Same M.O., same handwriting. Looks very similar."

According to Schlabra, the white powder in the envelope found at the school was also determined to be neither dangerous nor hazardous, though it was sent to a lab for further analysis.

The high school had been closed on Tuesday due to snow and scheduled to start two hours late on Wednesday. Students and staff were told to go home when arriving. Students that arrived by bust were kept in the gym until their parents could pick them up.

Schlabra says that school will be back in session as regular on today.