Decontamination of NH anthrax building to be costly

Decontamination of the Strafford County, New Hampshire building where a woman was exposed to anthrax spores will cost $70,000, experts have said.

A contract with CYN Environmental Services of Stoughton, Mass., has a contract pending to remediate the Waysmeet Center, Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood, the ministry's chaplain and executive director told The Waysmeet Center serves as the United Campus Ministry for the University of New Hampshire.

Remediation for the Waysmeet Center will require five common-area rooms and hallway that had tested positive for low levels of anthrax to be soaked with a bleach-like solution.

In addition to the $70,000 in remediation, many of the center's items will be lost, including books, a piano, furniture, art and other musical instruments. The total loss for those items, Brickner-Wood estimates, will be as much as $15,000.

"The art work will be the toughest to lose," Brickner-wood said. "It's original art from students and artists, and many are dear students to us and talented artists."

The United Campus Ministry is also facing a $20,000 bill for the first round of anthrax testing on the building in December.

The woman who was infected with gastrointestinal anthrax at the building is improving, officials have said. She is believed to have contracted anthrax by swallowing anthrax spores that had become airborne at an African drum circle.