India deploys CBRN squad to hockey World Cup

India has deployed approximately 100 personnel from its National Disaster Response Force to guard the National Stadium against probable biological, chemical or nuclear disasters as it hots the hockey World Cup.

The National Disaster Response team is composed of members of the paramilitary Indo-Tibetan Police Force, utilizing several dog squads, doctors, engineers, electricians, paramedics and technicians to protect against threats. The team used at the National Stadium was drawn from the National Disaster Response Force battalion that is stationed at Greater Noida.

The squad is divided into separate search and rescue teams, allowing its personnel to guard the National Stadium at all times from attack.

"The NDRF team has been deployed at the National stadium to counter any chemical or biological disaster arising from land or air including an earthquake. The personnel will render rescue and relief facilities in the event of an man-made attack too," an NDRF officer told The Times of India.

Personnel on the squad are equipped with stretchers, medical devices, ambulances and equipment that is able to detect biological and other forms of radiation in the surrounding environment.

The officer also said that the hockey World Cup will allow the National Disaster Response Force to begin preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.