Denver man arrested for mailing white powder to senators and representatives

A Denver man suspected of mailing white powder to Colorado and Alabama senators and representatives has been arrested by the FBI.

Jay DeVaughn, who is also alleged to have threatened Argentinian diplomats, was charged with mailing threatening communication. More charges are expected.

Devaughn, who works at Community College of Aurora as a librarian, is also accused of sending the harmless white powder to the offices of Sen. Mark Udall, Sen. Micahael Bennet, Rep. Mike Coffman and Rep. Diana DeGette. DeVaughn is also suspected of sending numerous Alabama senators and representatives letters filled with white powder.

The current charges are a result of a letter sent to Jill Karber that contained the threat, "Jill Karber RIP."

Nathan Karber, the wife of Jill Karber, was the name DeVaughn used as the return addressee on the letters to Bennet, Udall, DeGette and Coffman.

DeVaughn was described by the president of Community College of Aurora as well respected, according to The Denver post. President Linda Bowman went on to say that DevAughn is a good employee but noted that he has been placed on unpaid leave pending the investigation's outcome.

Bowman also revealed that a background check performed for the university by a national firm upon hiring DeVaughn came back clean.