Utah IRS building hit with anthrax scare

A hazmat crew was dispatched to a Farr West, Utah Internal Revenue Service building this morning following the detection of an unknown substance.

The IRS's Farr West facility is used to process businesses' paper tax returns, housing approximately 830 employees during its busiest times.

Two workers in the building were taken to an Ogden, Utah hospital following the discovery of the substance in the office building, but their medical emergencies are not believed to be related to the substance.

"The area where the threat was received was isolated by removing employees from that area," Debbie Dujanovic Betram, an FBI public affairs specialist, said in a statement, which noted that some individuals "did suffer medical emergencies which, at this time, do not appear to be related to this incident."

The FBI has begun an investigation into the substance, saying that its investigation is ongoing with federal and local partners.

"At approximately 11:15 a.m. MST, we detected an unknown substance at the IRS Campus located at 1973 Rulon White Boulevard, Ogden," IRS spokesman Bill Brunson told Standard.net. "A local Haz-Mat team was dispatched and standard procedures for responding to such an incident were implemented. At this point we cannot provide additional details because we are continuing to assess the situation."

The IRS has maintained a presence in Weber County since 1956, employing as many as 7,000 employees in as many as 12 buildings.