Israeli hospital's parking garage to double as emergency CBRN hospital

A new three-floor underground car park to be built at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel will double as an emergency hospital in the event of a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.

The three story underground facility will be able to house 1,500 vehicles. In an emergency, the car park will be able to transform into a facility that can house 2,000 patients.

The car park, which will be built by Minrav Holdings Ltd., is expected to cost approximately $65 million. Minrav, which is controlled by CEO Avraham Kuznitsky, beath Meshulam Levinstein Contracting and Enginerring LTD., Danya Cebus Ltd., Uri Dori Engineering Works Corp., and Solel Boneh for the contract.

The car park will cover nearly 1,00,000 square feet and will be financed by Israel's government, the Ofer family, the Rappaport family and the Yosef Fishman family.

An almost 216,000-square-foot foundation excavation has currently begun no the car park, pumping millions of cubic feet of brackish groundwater into the sea.

Work on the project is currently slated to take 22 months.

The creation of this biologically sealed emergency hospital comes at a time that Israel has stepped up its simulations of biological attacks and experts have warned of potential bioattacks from Iran and Hezbollah, as well as Elias Bejjani.