Suspicious package sent to Sen. Kerry's office

Police were called to the Boston office of U.S. Sen. John Kerry after it received a suspicious package thought to hold either a biological or chemical threat.

The package, which was addressed to Sen. Kerry's 10th floor office, did not leave the mail room, though officials did deem the incident a Level 2 hazmat because of protesters outside and the high-profile status of the One Bowdoin Square office. The most serious hazmat response is a Level 3.

Preliminary investigations performed on the package by a police bomb squad revealed that no bomb was present inside the package but that an unknown liquid substance was inside. The Boston Herald has reported that bomb squad officers believe the substance might be cooking oil.

After investigators learned that the package did not have an explosive risk it was brought to a state lab in Jamaica Plain for further testing.

“Ultimately, they will determine what the liquid substance is,” Boston police spokesman Officer Joe Zanoli told the Boston Herald.

Kerry is currently traveling overseas, meeting with local leaders in Qatar and Pakistan. He is scheduled to return to Boston today.

Approximately 15 people work at Kerry's Boston office. They were not evacuated when the package was found.