Anthrax scare at the U.N.

The main dining room and staff cafeteria at the United Nations in New York was closed on Thursday following the discovery of "a suspicious envelope," U.N. deputy spokeswoman Marie Okabe said.

New York city authorities were called in by U.N. security staff to aid in investigating the contents of the envelope, which included a white powder according to a U.N. official.

The envelope was found on a conveyor belt to the ground floor cafeteria's dish washer. The ground floor cafeteria of the 39 story Secretariat building has recently been renovated so that a portion of it is now the Delegates Dining Room.

Everyone in the dining area was asked to leave after the envelope was discovered and authorities were called in.

The scare came at the same time as a reception was held in the U.N.'s Delegates' Dining Room to commemorate the "31st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution" by Iran.

A mobile laboratory was brought into the U.N.'s third sub-basement by New York authorities. The envelope was then brought to the laboratory.

As a result of increased security precautions surround the evacuation of the cafeteria, the United Nations was forced to push back an appearance by Bill Clinton, the U.N. envoy to Haiti, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. according to officials.