Tata-Bruker offers CBRN vehicle for Commonwealth Games

Tata-Bruker, a U.K.-based chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection solution manufacture, has offered New Delhi, India a reconnaissance vehicle to use to combat terrorist threats during the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

The reconnaissance vehicle, dubbed Vasus, is currently being showcased as part of the DefExpo and will be used in October during the Commonwealth Games.

“We have offered this vehicle, which can detect any leak of deadly chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances within a five-km radius, to the Home Ministry and the National Disaster Management Authority for use during the Commonwealth Games,” a representative for Tata-Bruker said in a statement to The Financial Express.

The official also noted that the threat of terror groups procuring CBRN substances has mounted in recent years, increasing the likelihood of an attack on a civilian population. The Vasus, he said, would allow for the immediate detection of such a CBRN leak and provide the means to contain it.

The offer of the Vasus follows U.K. Trade and Investment Defense and Security Organization head Richard Paniguian's announcement that India faces the same security threats during the Commonwealth Games that London will face during the 2012 Olympics.

“Hence we have offered this vehicle, produced in India by Tata with British technological help to the Home Ministry and NDMA for use during CWG,” Paniguian said.