Is PharmAthene Pulling Strings to Win Contracts?

 reports that PharmAthene is enjoying preferential treatment from the federal government, thanks to its close connections to recently deceased Congressman John Murtha and DHS Under Secretary Tara O’Toole.

According to the popular watchdog website, BARDA is “adding millions of dollars to a contract awarded way back in 2003 that PharmAthene inherited, rather than conducting a fair and open competition. In government speak, that means PharmAthene is about to get huge sums of additional cash without ever having competed for it.”

In a recent press release, PharmAthene President and CEO David P. Wright predicts that “funding provided under this BAA, along with potential additional funding under our existing contract with BARDA, will be sufficient to advance SparVax(TM) to a stage where it will be eligible for consideration for a Project BioShield procurement contract.” concludes that “BARDA and the Obama Administration (i.e., Tara O’Toole) are propping up PharmAthene all in an effort to position the company to become the national vaccine maker despite having less than 50 employees and a questionable balance sheet.”