- DepoVax could mean fewer doses of anthrax vaccine needed

Immunovaccine Inc. will present positive new research, done in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Canada, that confirms that the number of required doses for an anthrax vaccine candidate can be reduced when formulated in DepoVax.

The DepoVax vaccine delivery platform utilizes liposomes to bring active vaccine components - antigens and immune enhancers - into an oil depot, which in turn creates a long lasting "depot effect" that produces a potent humoral and cellular immunity.

According to the new research, a single-dose of anthrax antigen, when formulated in DepoVax, can raise antibody levels 10 times higher on average than a comparable alum-adjuvanted anthrax vaccine.

Separate studies performed by Immunovaccine and DRDC in two different animal models also exhibited enhanced vaccine antibody titres. Additionally, a single DepoVac formulated anthrax antigen vaccination performed better than two doses of the control vaccine.

Persisting high antibody levels were also induced within four weeks following a single dose of anthrax antigen with DepoVax.

"We are pleased that our collaboration with DRDC is progressing well. The results we achieved with anthrax in two different animal species confirms DepoVax's ability to significantly enhance a vaccine against yet another important infectious disease agent," Marc Mansour, vice president of research and development at Immunovaccine, said.