DeconGel garners award for decontamination properties

The Environmental, Security, Safety and Health Achievement Award has been presented to the National Energy Technology Laboratory and Safety and Ecology Corporation for their innovative use of DeconGel to mitigate and abate hazardous particulate matter.

DeconGel, which was used as beryllium decontamination method, is a proprietary hydrogel that can efficiently and safely decontaminate surfaces  used by first responders to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents, including bioterrorism attacks.

“I am extremely pleased that these two organizations have been singled out for exceptional performance while using our product," Larry Stack, president and chief operating officer of CBI Polymers, said. "DeconGel has been proven effective on a wide variety of decontamination problems, and we have received requests from organizations to keep an 'at the ready' stockpile of DeconGel handy for emergency situations.

"The problem with beryllium and other toxic substances is that traditional cleaning methods simply don't work well on rough porous surfaces to remove contaminants from microscopic pores. However, DeconGel works effectively on both smooth and rough hard surfaces, even with complex three dimensional structures, and can generally reduce contamination to  below safe levels with one single application."

The award was given for the use of DeconGel in decontaminating 48,500 square feet of surface area that included office material, laboratory equipment and historical artifacts. The use of DeconGel reduced labor costs by an estimated 70 percent and reduced the volume of waste generated.