New patent issued for biosensing metals

A U.S. patent has been granted to Borealis Exploration Limited for its Avto Metals Technology.

The patent covers multiple applications of the technology in several industrial and scientific fields, including applications for industrial and homeland security applications.

The patent for Avto Metals, titled "Catalysts," US 7,651,875, was issued on January 26 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Avto Metals allows for the electrical properties of a metal to be altered as desired on a nanoscale level, which allows the metal's chemical or electrical properties and behavior to be changed.

For homeland security purposes, Avto Metals can detect small electrical charges caused by motion. As a biosensor, Avto Metals can detect the presence of certain materials and can also be used to detect contaminated water or the presence of dangerous biological or chemical elements.

Borealis Exploration cited the use of Avto Metals as a possibility for commercial aircraft, which have been acknowledged as being ideally suited for the wide distribution of pathogens.

A specific microbe or small change in the chemical environment can also be detected by Avto Metals, in either the general environment or within a human or animal.

Portable detectors can also utilize Avto Metals to detect biological or chemical weapons.