Construction on GenPhar's S.C. headquarters halted

Construction on GenPhar's new 50,000-square-foot, $33 million Mount Pleasant, South Carolina headquarters has been put on hold after the town ordered work to halt.

The town, citing the need for an architect to prepare interior design plans, put a stop to construction. GenPhar's president and chief executive officer Dr. John Dong has said that the company will abide by the town's rules but noted that the construction halt puts the building far behind schedule.

The building's construction has been red tagged twice, halting work for a period of three months once and currently for 10 days.

"We have been having a tremendous amount of difficulties with the town of Mount Pleasant," Dong told "They completely stopped us from working in the building."

An architectural firm, Dong continued, has said that it will cost $260,000 to come into compliance with the town's plan issues.

Time is of the essence for GenPhar's construction project as it competes for biodefense contracts to manufacture vaccines for such deadly biothreats as Ebola, Marburg and anthrax. The company stands to potentially lose a $300 million contract if the building is not back on track by March 1 and, Dong says, it has already lost out on $500 million in potential contracts.