Pentagon to announce new conflict fighting measures

A draft of the Pentagon's new strategic outlook, which will be announced today, calls for the preparation for numerous conflicts in many styles, a radical departure from the normal shaping of the U.S. military to fight two major conventional wars simultaneously.

The 25 year old, two war planning style will be discarded in favor of a fighting force that can protect U.S. interests worldwide from terrorism - be it biological, chemical or nuclear - and even cyber attacks.

This new plan will be addressed in the Congressionally mandated 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review, which examines future threats and the military's requirements to mitigate them.

"It is no longer appropriate to speak of major regional conflicts as the sole or even primary template for sizing, shaping or evaluating U.S. forces," a draft first obtained by Inside Defense was quoted as saying.

The last major review of this kind was released in 2006. The new review shows how the world view of the Pentagon has dramatically shifted in the four years hence.

The review notes that intelligence has shown that terrorists have plotted more and more to obtain biological, chemical and nuclear material, with the Pentagon foreseeing such WMDs as a continued threat in the future. As such, the review pushes for better detection capabilities.

"The Department will expand capabilities to counter WMD threats, strengthen interdiction operations, refocus intelligence requirements, enhance and grow international partnerships and thwart proliferation," the draft says.