New virtual community to connect bioterrorism experts

The Delaney Center at Mount St. Mary's University has launched a new virtual community that allows intelligence officers, students and even Capitol Hill executives to network with bioterrorism experts, bodyguards and academics.

"It's a great way for students to learn from accomplished experts - people they might never have a chance to meet otherwise," Joe Vince, Delaney Center Director, said. "For professionals, it's a secure way to exchange ideas with colleagues in other disciplines."

This new, invitation-only network, which takes place on the Yakabox knowledge sharing systems certified for use in classified environments by the U.S. Government, is an outgrowth of Mount St. Mary's criminal justice program.

"It's knowledge transfer at its best, working in both directions," Jeff Sutterman, a Yakabox Customer Advocate, said. "Students caught on to the technology immediately. They led the way for the rest of the group."

The Delaney Center Yakabox uses the same security standards as those deployed in the U.S. intelligence community.

Mount St. Mary's students have praised the new network, noting that it has more depth than typical social networking tools and allows them to more confidently enter the professional world.

"Collaboration fluency really isn't an option anymore," Chris Vince said. "It's rapidly becoming a requirement for intelligence officers, regardless of specialty or years in service.