Malls could be targets for Al Qaida bioterror attacks

Counter terror experts have announced that Al Qaida has set its sights onto using biological and chemical attacks on shopping malls and other soft targets.

In a report published in The Washington Post by Bruce Hoffman, author of the study at Georgetown Univeristy's Walsh School of Foreign Service that revealed the new targets, it is reported that malls could become a new target.

The report is backed up by a study released by Harvard's Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs that discusses chemical and biological weapons and their use.

"We need only consider the darkest days of the Iraqi terror campaign of 2006-2007 to grasp how the jihadis view marketplaces. Scarcely a week went by without another Iraqi marketplace bombing, with casualties largely consisting of women and children, mounting from the dozens to the hundreds," J.R. Dunn, editor of American Thinker, told

"We need only add the fact that the mall in many ways symbolizes the United States to people across the world, acting as kind of American Horn of Plenty, to see the inevitability of the threat. Such attacks will come, and they will be ugly."

Attacks on malls are not out of the question, with Joint Terrorism Task Force information verifying that terror networks operating within the U.S. believe that they pose a legitimate terrorist target.

The attacks would serve as an attack on the economy and potentially could cause a downturn in shopping, severely affecting the economy, researchers say.

The attacks would most likely come through a biological weapon or other aerosolized weapon that could be sprayed into an HVAC system.