Water filter to protect against bioattacks to debut in India

A new water filter that utilizes reverse osmosis to create potable water int he event of a biological, chemical or nuclear attack will soon be available in India.

The technology, produced by the Defence Research and Development Organisation for front line soldiers. it was originally intended only for soldiers believed to be most vulnerable int he event of a tactical nuclear or biological attack.

The University of Texas' IC2 Institute was then engaged to commercialize the product as part of a Defence Research and Development Organisation commercialization program.

IC2 is an interdisciplinary research unit at The University of Texas at Austin dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of entrepreneurial wealth creation.

In addition to the filter, IC2 selected to commercialize five other DRDO products, including a multi-insect repellent used for counter-insurgency operations, insecticide Woolcare and an electrochromic window that electronically regulates the flow of light and heat into a bunker.

IC2 also selected an explosive detection kit to be utilized by airports, railway stations and in public stations that aids in the analysis of the contents of a bomb and a high altitude pulmonary oedema chamber that can also be used for elderly sufferers of hypoxia who have difficulty in absorbing oxygen.