Prognosys LLC joins program to advance barcode technology to diagnose biological threats

The University of Maryland's Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute Technology Advancement Program incubator has been joined by Prognosys LLC, which develops rapid, multiplexed diagnostics for multiple diseases.

Prognosys has developed a patent-pending barcode technology that reacts to certain indicators to show results when scanned with a standard bar code reader. The technology, which involves embedding multiple sensors on a bar code, can be equipped with biological, chemical, physical and intelligence-gathering related sensors as well as medical monitors.

"We can test for temperature, radiation, humidity, pressure, vibration, and lethal substances such as anthrax," Kenneth Gabriel, president of Prognosys, said. "Prognosys' researchers are also working on quantitative as well as qualitative tests that don't just tell you when a substance is present; they also measure how much of it is there. This type of test is critical for monitoring the progress of disease and general treatment.

"Technicians work to process samples, but some tests can take up to two days for results, and in some cases patients die. Our test can be done in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, with results in as little as ten minutes."

The technology, Prognosys says, will allow the rapid and economical diagnosis of patients to enable physicians to make quick decisions.

"Our tests buy physicians time and in some cases buy patients life," Gabriel said.