President and CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies announced as chairman for CBRNe Conference

Ronald F. DeMeo, president and CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies, has been announced as chairman for the 5th Annual CBRNe Conference.

The conference, titled "Developing a Unified Response Strategy to Improve National Preparedness," aims to address the challenges of improving national preparedness and consequence-management strategies. The conference will also explore new methods of supporting federal and state level efforts to better prepare the U.S. for possible threats.

“Traditionally, our Federal Government has primarily focused on studying and preparing for the possibility of nuclear attacks to the U.S. and, for this reason, the CBRNe Conference is dedicated to elevate awareness of the latest strategies and technological advancements to help maximize protection and the need for more resources to better prepare the U.S. for the real threat of dirty bombs, which are conventional explosives packed to disperse radioactive materials,” Dr. DeMeo said.

“We are honored to engage in this dialogue, and we consider it our mission to help raise awareness and identify solutions for the significant challenges posed by radiological threats.”

DeMeo will also mderate a panel titled "Reinforcing the Protective Gear for CBRNe Responders," which will include Pavel Castulik, Ph.D., former R&D senior director of weapons of mass destruction at the University of Brno in the Czech Republic; Lew MacDonald, district chief of special operations with the Saint John Fire Department and federal project advisor with the Research and Technology Initiative Canada; Lt. Col. Jeffrey Allen, former commander of the 781st Joint Task Force in the United States; Lt. John Cassidy, R.N., a supervisor for the Hazardous Materials Response Team with the Fire Department of New York; James Bradshaw, Ph.D., RST’s senior research scientist; and Charles Milligan, Ph.D., program area manager focusing on military weapons of mass destruction defeat at The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland.