India debuts bioattack resistant frigate

India has revealed its fist indigenously built stealth class frigate, which will be inducted in April, that is equipped with state of the art defenses against biological, chemical and nuclear attacks.

The multi-role stealth frigate INS Shivalik, along with the currently under construction INS Satpura and INS Sahyadri, will feature an Atmospheric Control System to filter and control the temperature and humidity of air entering the ship at all times.

"It removes any radioactive, chemical or biological impurities, thereby protecting the crew and the systems even during a nuclear, biological or chemical attack," an official told Domain-B.Com.

INS Shivalik will also feature structural, thermal and acoustic stealth features as well as indigenous sensors and weapons systems.

The new frigates, created by the Indian Navy design bureau, are expected to become a mainstay of the Indian Navy during the first half of this century.

The frigates feature a Combat Management System to control its sensors and weapons, which include Klub surface-to-surface missiles and Shtil and Barak air defense missiles. To counter incoming missiles, the ship features a Kavach chaff-dispensing system.

The INS Shivalik can hold 35 officers with a crew of over 250 and features two reverse osmosis plants to provide freshwater. The ship also contains a fully automated galley.