"Eagle Eyes" program meant to fight potential bioattacks

Top leaders at West Coast Marine Corps installations have instituted a program to encourage all military and civilian personnel to keep a watchful eye for potential attacks - from biological to chemical to nuclear.

The program, dubbed "Eagle Eyes," involves the safety and security programs of Marine Corps Installations West and the I Marine Expeditionary Force to enable all military and civilian personnel to aid base law enforcement and security authorities in preventing terrorist acts.

“The motivation behind (Eagle Eyes) inception is the necessity to maintain a constant and increased vigilance because of terrorist threats to the United States,” Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jeffrey Frenchlujan, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense officer, Mission Assurance, MCI-West, told Scout North County News. “With the recent terrorist incidents, we are reminded these threats still exist and this program is needed.”

All bases and air stations in California and Arizona will take part in the Eagle Eyes program as well as several East Coast Marine Corps installations.

The goal of the program is to allow individuals to take an active role in deterring, detecting and defeating terrorist crimes.

The program asks personnel to keep a watchful eye for surveillance practices, suspicious questioning, tests of security, supply acquisition, suspicious persons, dry runs and asset deployments.