Source of 1981 anthrax attack in Scotland revealed

Newly uncovered secret files have revealed that the culprits of a 1981 anthrax attack in Scotland were a shadowy group known as the Scottish Civilian Army.

During the attacks, soil laced with anthrax from the island of Gruinard was dumped at key sites throughout the nation, including the Scottish Office in Edinburgh, Porton Down chemical research lab and the Blackpool hotel, which was holding the Conservative Party conference.

The island of Gruinard, which is located off of the west coast of Scotland, was originally infected by the army in 1941 with anthrax to test the spread of anthrax spores. The test was carried out as fears rose that Hitler would use anthrax as part of the war.

At the time, it was not known if the soil dumped throughout Scotland was actually contaminated with anthrax spores. Files released yesterday, however, revealed that samples of the soil tested positive for the deadly disease.

The Scottish Health Department, in a letter to the deputy chief constable of Northern Constabulary, said that the samples were, "confirmed as containing anthrax spores," reported.

At the time of the attack, a group that went by the name Operation Dark Harvest took credit for the soil dumping as part of a terrorist campaign.