Conference to discuss prevention, preparedness for bioattacks

Chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear attacks have been listed by the Homeland Security Threat Assessment as the most dangerous threats facing the United States for the years 2010 through 2014.

The Defense Department has budgeted $11 billion dollars for the prevention of these hazardous threats, an acknowledgment of the destruction powers of CBRN attacks.

To better prepare for these attacks, IDGA has announced its fifth CBRN for Defense Event, to be held in Vienna, Virginia. The annual event, which tackles the great challenges faced by emergency decision makers and first responders in the event of a CBRN attack, will cover a range of critical issues.

Among issues to be covered are industry standards and requirements, preparedness on a state and national level, coordination response efforts between various departments and agencies, and research and development of future technologies and medicine.

Experts on CBRN will speak at the event, including Steve Henry, deputy assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters; Col. William Barnett of the Joint Requirements Office for CBRN Defense; Col. Dave Williams, joint project manager for Chemical Biological Medical Systems; and Col. THomas Cartledge, chief of staff of the 20th Support Command.

The conference's keynote presentation will be presented by Jean D. Reed, the deputy assitant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical & Biological Defense/Chemical Demilitarization.