Aethlon Medical advances therapeutic device for biological warfare pathogens

A company developing a therapeutic device meant to treat acute and chronic viral infections, biological warfare pathogens and other conditions has issued a research update.

RedChip Visibility, a division of RedChip Companies, Inc., issued the research update on Aethlon Medical, Inc.'s device, which filters virus particles and immunosuppressive agents from the blood.

"During the final months of 2009, Aethlon continued to seek to build value with the initiation of a pilot production run of Hemopurifier cartridges using Good Manufacturing Practices, the start of work on less expensive production of the Hemopurifier's affinity agent in plants, and the establishment of a subsidiary to develop a non-core, potential use of the device in cancer," David Webber, a RedChip research analyst, said.

The diagnostic and therapeutic Hemopurifier filtration device serves as a broad-spectrum treatment countermeasure against bioterror and emerging pandemic threats.

More than 65 Hemopurifier treatments have been conducted representing approximately 260 hours of treatment time in multi-stite studies. Research studies have shown that the Hemopurifier is effective in capturing a broad spectrum of viruses considered untreatable with drug therapy, including several diseases considered high risk for bioterror and pandemic threats.

"Based on the clinical data reported, Aethlon has made development of the Hemopurifier for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C its core program," Webber said. "During the final months of the year, the bulk of visible progress took place in improving manufacturing processes in ways necessary for broad commercialization."