IPRED conference comes to a close

Following two days of lectures and activities, the first part of the IPRED conference run by the IDF Home Front Command on emergency preparedness and response has ended.

The conference, the first such international one run by the IDF, presented new initiatives and developments regarding response and preparedness for emergency situations. More than 200 participants from 35 different countries participated in the conference.

"It is very impressive to see the amount of people that came, the attendance is very impressive," Maj. Gen. Yair Golan told IDF.il. "The conference is an opportunity to share your knowledge with others and learn from the experience of others. When there are people with so much knowledge at a conference, it is possible to learn from each other.

As part of the second part of the IPRED conference, participants will be invited to watch Israel's planned biological warfare exercise, which will include more than 1000 people and will simulate a biological attack in the Gush Dan area.

"We specifically joined the conference together with a biological warfare home front exercise. The idea is to bring people to the field and show them how things are actually done.

"Israel is subjected to continuous missile and rocket attacks. A war can continue for days and months, and in order to win a war, we need to keep the routine going. Our goal is to ensure peace for Israel's civilians during a war, and we have the ability to give an appropriate response to all Israeli citizens."