New biological decontamination service launched

The United State's largest precision cleaning and passivation company - Astro Pak Corporation - has launched a new subsidiary to provide on-site biological decontamination services.

The newly announced SixLog Corporation will use a proprietary iHP - ionized hydrogen peroxide - technology to decontaminate equipment, rooms, buildings and vehicles, including ambulances, trains and cruise ships.

"SixLog's iHP bio decontamination technology was developed and perfected for military applications (biological weapons)," Ken Verheyen, president of Astro Pak, said. "We're excited to bring this revolutionary technology into the commercial marketplace." iHP can be used in open air and, once ionized, acts like a gas as opposed to a vapor, providing excellent distribution properties, and destroying microorganisms even in those hard-to-reach areas. Thus, iHP is more effective, has excellent materials compatibility and requires a drastically shorter decontamination process time than alternatives."

SixLog's director of technology will be Steve Feinstein, who mostly recently served as regional sales manager for Bioquell Inc., a British manufacturer of hydrogen peroxide vapor generators. Before that, Feinstein owned Medical Repair Laboratories, Inc., which was sold to a competitor. He then served as their director of sales, marketing and business development.

Astro Pak, founded in 1959 and based in California, is the largest provider of precision cleaning and passivation services in North America.