Planned bioattack simulation in Israel could be sign of coming biowar, activist warns

Israel's planned simulated biological warfare attack could be the run up to a catastrophic response to Iran and Hezbollah, Elias Bejjani, a Canadian-Lebanese human rights activist has said.

Bejjani, noting European diplomatic reports that quoted high ranking Israeli officials, said that the Netanyahu government as well as the Israeli army expect an imminent war against their nation against either Iran, Hezbollah or the Hamas movement, working alone or jointly, by next march.

The diplomatic reports also said that Israel, if faced with no other option, would carry out a preemptive attack against Iran or Lebanon or the Gaza Strip if any threat is made to the safety of its citizens of its infrastructure.

Fears have been raised that one or both sides would employ biological or chemical weapons. Those fears were further raised when Israel, which had previously provided 60 percent of its population with anti-biological and chemical masks, stated that it would no provide its entire population with the masks. Israel said it would concentrate its mask delivery on its second largest city, Tel Aviv, as well as cities and villages around it, which it considers to be among the first targets of any biological attack.

Statements by Israeli officials recently circulated in European diplomatic and intelligence reports, Bejjani said, made it clear that the Israeli army will not hesitate to respond to any biological or chemical attacks. The army said that it would retaliate with similar weapons.

The same reports also say that if Iran uses long-range missiles with biological or chemical warheads, Israel will respond in kind, targeting Tehran and other major Iranian cities not equipped or trained to deal with such a strike.