Medizone completes third round of AsepticSure testing

Medizone International Inc., has announced the completion of its third round of testing and data logging for the company's enhanced AsepticSure technology.

Tests results achieved over the last two months can now predictably demonstrate greater than six logs of bacterial "kill" across the full spectrum of hospital contaminants, which includes MRSA, C difficile, E coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and VRE. Also included in that spectrum is Bacillus subtilis, the internationally accepted surrogate for anthrax.

The results, in a significant achievement, were replicated on more than one single surface material.

"This latest round of laboratory testing has confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that our enhanced AsepticSure technology can reliably achieve sterilization standards for virtually any bacterial contaminant found in a hospital setting," Dr. Michael Shannon, Medizone's director of medical affairs, said.

A full scale prototype unit has also been completed and demonstrated by Medizone in bacteria free "dry" runs. The prototype has shown that it can reach both the charge time and saturation requirements of its design criteria. The ability to replicate the exact atmosphere of the laboratory testing unit in a full sized room is commonly considered a crucial advancement in achieving the same six log bacterial action in hospital settings.