Anthrax scare in Britain's House of Commons

An envelope sent to Britain's Communities minister Shahid Malik was found to be filled with a white power and triggered an anthrax scare at the House of Commons.

The letter arrived at Westminster on Monday and was reportedly sent from within Britain. Screening staff intercepted the letter fearing it could be anthrax, leading to a major security alert.

Writing on the envelope, addressed to Malik, suggest that the letter was sent by a far right supporter. Detectives are now conducting an investigation to find the sender.

The powder was tested following the activation of emergency procedures and found to be harmless.

"Mr Malik is grateful to the police and very grateful to the parliamentary authorities for their alertness and dedication in ensuring the safety of all correspondence to parliamentarians," a spokesman for Mr. Malik told The Daily Telegraph.

"He has been in his Dewsbury constituency all week and will continue serving constituents and carrying out his ministerial duties."

This is not the first time Malik has been targeted by the far right following his garnering the highest vote return for the British National Party in the last election.

His offices in Westminster and in Dewbury are said to regularly receive abusive and racist communications and at least one death threat.