Blast in India believe to be at biolab

A high intensity explosion at a chemical laboratory inside India's Bhabha Atomic Research Centre resulted in the death of two junior scientists with an initial investigation focusing on biological and chemical agent experiments.

The experiment, the investigation believes, failed and the resulting chemical reaction resulted in the loss of life and damage to the lab.

Staff working inside the plant reported hearing the blast and the condition of the bodies - described by witnesses as severely charred - confirm that India is preparing weapons of mass destruction.

Other investigative leads center on a lack of expertise in the nuclear field leading to the explosion or intentional sabotage by a member of the nuclear staff inside the plant with the intention of killing the two junior team members who died.

Sabotage is not out of the question - an Indian nuclear scientist's body was found on June 13 in the Kali River. The scientist, Lokanathan Mahalingam, had been working at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station and was reportedly in possession of highly sensitive information. Mahalingam was also involved in training apprentices on a replica of a nuclear reaction.

The incident is especially important as the Bharat Verma think tank has stated that it believes that China and Pakistan will attack India by 2012. The fire shows that India is making preparations for this potential war and possibly will take preemptive action against the two nations.